Skilled Worker

Canada has a strong tradition of welcoming immigrants and foreign workers. Over the years, Canadian immigration policies have been defined to respond to Canada’s changing labour market needs.

The temporary foreign worker program is designed to allow employers to quickly fill their most urgent job openings for which they cannot find workers locally. But the government is also very careful in protecting temporary foreign workers’ rights.

Hence, the LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) procedures that aims to make sure that employers were not able to recruit locally and that they offer the foreign worker proper working conditions and a market based salary and benefits.

Some employers/foreign workers are exempted from the LMIA procedure, based on the nature of the job, the citizenship of the worker and international agreements between countries. However, most foreign workers need a work permit.

Please contact us to check if you need a work permit, and LMIA or to find out whether you are exempted from one or both.